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We need your help! 

The Chrysler Museum of Art’s Perry Glass Studio has been educating and thrilling audiences since 2011. Six days a week, year-round, we host a wide range of programming for all ages, including free daily demos, glass classes, after-school educational programs, workshops with partnering organizations, captivating performances, and visiting artists from around the world. Each of these experiences have something in common: they ALL start with our melting furnace – the heart of the glass studio!

Every glass studio furnace is made of some of the hardest materials on the planet. After years of use (and lots of love), the hard structure becomes worn down by the hot liquid glass inside. Molten glass is beautiful, and it’s also corrosive! 

 After seven years of bringing joy to thousands of people, our furnace must be rebuilt. 

Now we need your help and support so we can continue to serve our community, teach students, foster new glass artists, showcase unique experiences, and create works of art that delight and inspire.  Every dollar contributed to this campaign will directly support this project to rebuild the furnace. The Chrysler Museum is a 501(c)3 organization, and your contribution is tax-deductible. Please note that if you do choose one of the "perks" offered, that may reduce the amount of your tax deduction.  If you have any questions, please contact us at

Why Support this Project?

The Chrysler Museum of Art houses one of the greatest glass collections in America. Our Perry Glass Studio brings the collection to life through innovative performances and educational programs. This studio offers free glass-making demonstrations, classes, and workshops for students and adults. These include a range of programs from beginners to master classes for accomplished professional artists. The state-of-the-art facility accommodates both aspiring and master glass artists with a fully equipped hotshop, flameworking, fusing, stained glass, coldworking, wood and metal studios. We also host a Visiting Artist Series and Residency program that brings some of the leading artists in contemporary glass and new media to the region and connects them with the public for special educational opportunities.

Get Fired Up!

The Chrysler Museum's Perry Glass Studio is a place for learning and doing. The Glass Studio inspires all types of visitors through following programs:

  • Free public hot glass demonstrations offered every day at noon
  • Glass classes for individuals and small groups from age 5 and up
  • An artist-in-residence program
  • Partnerships with regional institutions to offer introductory and advanced courses, as well as pre-professional internships;
  • Glass Studio rental available to professional artists

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